Orange Drizzle Cake

I made a bit of a faux pas with my grocery order and ended up with three bags of oranges this week. In a bid to free up my fruit bowl I decided to try out a variation of my Lemon Drizzle Yogurt Cake (the original recipe can be found here)

Thanks to Julie for the idea!

Use the Lemon Drizzle yogurt cake recipe but use oranges instead of lemons. Use the zest of two medium oranges in the cake mix and the juice of the two oranges to pour over the cake when it has baked.

Tip: If the cake is browning too much before it is baked, just lower the oven temperature by 10 degrees and it should be fine.

Tip 2: This cake freezes really well so you always make two and freeze one of them (as I have done). Just take it out of the freezer the day before you need it. photo

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